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Philips DVP 3962/37

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Capable of playing DivX encoded video. 24bit/192kHz DAC. Upscaling of SD content to 1080p.

The Cons:Can only display images up to 2MB. Cannot display any other type of image format.

Philips DVP 3962/37 DVD player is a model with just the basics covered. With high definition video upscaling of 720p, 1080i and 1080p, a clear and crisp picture can be expected. Other image enhancements are supported by progressive scan.

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The audio produced by this model uses Dolby Digital surround sound with a 24bit/192kHz D/A converter.  For photo viewing, HD JPEG allows for resolutions up to two megapixels. Added convenience is found in DVP 3962/37s video playback of PAL as well as NTSC and the EasyLink via HDMI CEC.  What separates this player from other Philips models is its DivX Untra playback capability.


  • HDMI with 1080i up-conversion
  • EasyLink for Multi device control
  • Progressive Scan
  • DivX Ultra playback

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  • 2

    capable of playing DivX encoded video

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    24bit/192kHz DAC

  • -2

    upscaling of SD content to 1080p

  • 1

    can only display images up to 2MB

  • 1

    cannot display any other type of image format

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plasticanimal: #philips_dvp_3962_37 Booooooooooooo!! Played great for about a year. Then had problems with stuck disks, disk not recognized and so on. Finally just stopped working altogether. Wouldn't make it through the start-up process. Just more built to burn throwaway junk. Oct 16, 11
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Anonymous: #philips_dvp_3962_37 This is a great and inexpensive DVD player. Very pleased with the fact that it plays all my DivX and XviD movies perfectly. I had previously spent much more $ on a different brand that was supposed to play DivX but didn't. I was very pleasantly surprised when this less expensive machine played them fine. Jan 23, 11
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happydaddy2009: #philips_dvp_3962_37 This model does NOT upscale to 1080p. This model upscales to 720p and to 1080i. The "p" designates "progressive" while the "i" designates "interlaced". These are two very different types of HD displays. The interlaced display is not as sharp nor transitions smoothly. As a matter of fact, with a 1080p HDTV, I get a higher quality picture to my 40" Toshiba 1080P with my dvp3962 set to 720p than with it set to 1080i. I hope this helps! Dec 23, 08
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